Yixing Tea Pot and Tea Set

Your gift includes:

  • yixing clay tea pot
  • mahogany pu'erh tin (35-40 g.)
  • mountain cloud green tea tin (35-40 g.)
  • organic Rooibos Tin (35-40g)
  • Item #30122556

Not your ordinary tea set, this Mighty Leaf gift features a one-of-a-kind Chinese Yixing clay teapot. Handcrafted by a single artisan, it’s prized for its ability to infuse tea with unique nuances and flavors over time. This keepsake gift also includes exotic teas like dark, nutty 15-year-old fermented Mahogany Pu’erh, sweet Mountain Cloud Green Tea and organic South African Rooibos.

New  Yixing Tea Pot and Tea Set

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Yixing Tea Pot and Tea Set
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